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Currently Addicted To: Super Mario Crossover hosted at

It’s Super Mario with a twist! The decades old platform adventure just got graced by video game superstars! Play as Bill of Contra, Samus Aran, Link of Zelda, Simon of Castlevania, Megaman and finally the star of the game Mario! Each retain their skills and power ups. This is the best ever!

Screen shots of Super Mario Crossover Hosted At

super mario crossover flash game

Loading screen of Super Mario Crossover Flash Game @

Start Screen of the six Video Game Characters of Super Mario Crossover Flash Game @

The game also supports a GAME PAD! No more keyboard bashing, play with any supported GAME PAD! Wohoo!!!

Character Selection Screen of Super Mario Crossover Flash Game Hosted @

It’s just awesome to see Link (Zelda) slash at goombas or Bill (Contra) using spread gun all over the place. Megaman’s fully charged Mega Buster works wonders on level bosses and Simon’s (Castlevania) double jump can finish levels fast. Samus Aran has a susprising agility by rolling into a ball and dropping bombs in her path.

Overall the flash game is the BEST SO FAR!

Click here to play the Flash Game Super Mario Crossover @! link

Currently Addicted To: The Scale of The Universe!

flash game the scale of the universe

Info Flash: The scale of the universe hosted in

Whew 12 midnight and still can’t sleep. Oh well, I certainly can’t after seeing this Info Flash from I learned a lot from a flash game that’s barely seconds long! Yoctometer the smallest measurement ever! Want to know how big the universe is?

Click here to view the Scale of the Universe Flash game hosted at!


P.S. It makes you think… What ifs and wishful thinking… There could be something, someone out there 😛

Currently Addicted To: Sushi Cat!

Flash Game: Sushi Cat hosted at

Sushi Cat is another flash game in that I’ve been playing for 4 hours straight! As a cat lover, I can’t help but feel tingly when I see the cat being squished in a dozen puzzle levels. Don’t worry, the creator claims no cats were harmed in the process. The graphics are clean, cute and yummy! Makes me feel like I’m eating sushi too! It is a puzzle game almost like pinball but you have no control except to just drop Sushi cat into a feeding frenzy!

Click here to play Sushi Cat flash game from!

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