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Update on My ePrepaid BPI Mastercard

BPI My ePrepaid

No I’m not getting a pink card

So I finally got my card. I am not pleased.

  • My card was already available for almost a week yet I didn’t receive a single message informing me about the availability of my card.
  • The manager or someone someone who didn’t introduce herself just plopped down her chair and handed me the card without any instructions at all.
  • She just asked 600 pesos from me and didn’t even say if it was a fee or initial load.
  • The card wasn’t what I expected. It was in matte with scratchy lettering that looked like could be rubbed away any moment.
  • I wasn’t informed that the My ePrepaid BPI Mastercard can’t be used as an ATM unlike other prepaid credit cards such as EON Unionbank, PSBank prepaid Mastercard and RCBC MyWallet. This means that once you load the card, you won’t be able to get your cash back unless if you use it to purchase/pay items.
  • The lady didn’t tell me if there was an activation period so I spent hours trying to enroll the card to Paypal and Google playstore.
  • It takes a long time to be integrated into and even then I wasn’t able to load it because again, I wasn’t informed that there was an activation time. I asked the lady, she told me it was activated. I can’t seem to use this yet.
  • I’ve searched every website I could find on google, there isn’t a single instruction on how to activate My ePrepaid BPI Mastercard or do I have to wait or something.

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