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Currently Addicted To: Dragon City AGAIN!

dragon city facebook logo

Dragon City Facebook Splash Picture

I was really hoping on avoiding Dragon City. The game has become so monetized that I feel like wanting to cheat it just so I can. (Well I did sort off). Anyway, I was looking at my top posts and saw that a lot of people visit my site because of Dragon City. I guess the game … continue reading this entry.


I wonder How my Dragons are Doing?

The holidays were so stressful that I haven’t checked up on my pets in Dragon City. I might check it out soon. If only there was a Dragon City app I might be playing a lot. Oh well.

I wonder what kind of updates, eggs and dragons have been added to the game?

Currently Addicted To: Double Food in Dragon City!

HURRY! Dragon City just released a double food promo!

dragon city promo

Don’t know if you still get double food if you plant 24 hour growth period food now. The event timer shows it’s 17 hours before the double food ends. HURRY! Log on to your Dragon City account now!

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