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Citibank Balance Transfer Offer

Yesterday I got a call from Citibank. They were offering a balance transfer of maximum 20,000 pesos which is half of my credit limit with Citibank. Basically what happens is that they ask if you have an existing credit card from another bank with an existing balance. So they will then offer to pay for that and let you charge it to your credit card (in this case Citibank) at a low interest rate depending on the promo. Their rate for me was 0.49% per month.

This was my first balance transfer and I was curious. … continue reading this entry.


Update on My ePrepaid BPI Mastercard Part 2

BPI My ePrepaid

No I’m not getting a pink card

I recently blogged about getting an ePrepaid BPI Mastercard. The process wasn’t that pleasant but passable. Here’s my update … continue reading this entry.