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Sing is a 3D Animated Musical Masterpiece

While the world was still recovering from Zootopia fever, another furry movie got released. Now I really don’t want to delve into the technical mumbo jumbo on the how Sing isn’t really made by Disney but rather from Illumination which made Despicable Me. And somehow Despicable Me is a Disney movie. And well, you get the drift.

Let’s just say Sing (2016) is a great movie. It’s entertaining, features moral lessons especially how finances can be a bitch. The performances were great. I didn’t expect the voices behind the characters to be very diverse. The casting system of American movie producers/directors really is an amazing process. These actors/actresses are not only talented in acting, they can carry a tune too!

*Spoiler Warning!*
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My Rebound Girl

Ticked one off my movie list. Unfortunately, I really can’t muster much enthusiasm after watching my Rebound Girl. I am a fan of the Gonzaga sisters though but even so, the story was a bit mediocre.

The formula “the more you hate the more you love” is spun again between two people who have experienced bad breakups from their exes. As Rocky (Alex Gonzaga) and Rich (Joseph Marco) meet

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Superstore is Fabulous!

superstore poster

I saw a couple of youtube video trailers about this, however I only saw Matteo on that vid. I didn’t think much of it because I thought it was just another youtube vlog or something. Boy, was I ever wrong!

Starring one of my favorite stars America Ferrera is Amy, a store manager who handles a group of misfits working in a superstore called cloud 9. Honestly though, Sausage Party was still messing with my head a bit so I was a little queasy watching this.

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