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Just A Rant

When I started this blog, it was all about stuff that I was fixated on. Surprisingly, I am getting daily visitors. I’m hoping you’re enjoying my posts.

So basically, this is a rant about a certain political ad that just ran on several TV networks here in the Philippines. It was disheartening to see children being used to pull down a political candidate.

It was disturbing because the clips were chopped up for the intent of changing the context and then using kids. What happened to decency?

I won’t upload the sickening video here. I guess everyone will be seeing it on TV until May 9.

I voted for Gibo in 2010 because I knew Noynoy would be the worst president we would ever have. I guess I was right.


Dear Globe… Again!

Dear Globe,

What you’re doing to me and my family is beyond cruel already. It is torture trying to talk to your customer support representatives. You have forced us to let go of our Wimax service in lieu of your LTE network. We understand the reason for the upgrade, however your CSR, contractors and support group are liars. They have scheduled approximately six on-site visits. However (any of) the following would happen:

  • No one shows up and your contractors would lie saying they went to my apartment and allegedly tried to knock on my door. CCTV of the apartment complex on that day says otherwise.
  • No one calls or texts before hand of the schedule. Your contractors would then call and be very rude in saying no one is home. Do they expect us to cancel everything and wait for them? We are living people, we work, we socialize and we have a LIFE.
  • If they do set the date, they don’t give an approximate time. So again… Do they expect us to cancel everything and wait for them? We are living people, we work, we socialize and we have a LIFE.
  • Your contractors are apparently not assigned to our area. Yet they fail to inform us of the error. We end up calling customer support and even your CSRs don’t even know the reason of what is happening.
  • Your support group forces a scheduled on-site visit and we just say yes to wrap things up. And then no one shows up.
  • You have bumped us to 2G service for the past three months and yet we’re paying FULL price of the service.

Talking to your support group is like talking to 6 year old with mental diarrhea. Requesting for an approximate time for the on-site visit is a BIG PAIN in the place where the sun doesn’t shine. Your CSRs keep saying they don’t know, so the natural thing to do is to have someone talk to us who knows about the schedule BUT THEY CAN’T BECAUSE FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, YOUR CSR, SUPPORT GROUP AND CONTRACTORS ARE CONNECTED VIA CLUNKY EMAIL ONLY! HOW FREAKING IRONIC IS THAT? YOU ARE A MOBILE TELEPHONE COMPANY AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE RELIES ON EMAIL!!!!

Apparently your CSRs are just for show. So they make an “escalation” again. And the following happens:

  • No one virtually follows up our request. After a week or three (yes weeks!) we call again to ask what happened. And ironically, they’ll make another escalation to ask why the previous escalation didn’t work. And nothing happens again, so I call and your CSR will make another escalation to ask why the escalation that was supposed to query why the first escalation didn’t solve my problem. IT’S ESCALATIONCEPTION!!!
  • If the support group calls, it’s either they say they don’t have the approximate time because they do not command your contractors (shocker!) or they give a schedule to where your contractors don’t follow or even show up AT ALL. And then your contractors LIE saying they showed up, no one was at home (which I and my brother are usually WAITING in vain) and CCTV records show NO ONE arriving.
  • I lose my patience and force the CSR to wait for a reply for the nth escalation request. Like usually I have to call two to three separate times before I go berserk.

Isn’t it too much to ask to get a proper answer? If your CSR can’t give a specific time, why can’t we connect directly to the contractor/support group in question? Why do your CSR have to wait for email replies to which would take DAYS to MONTHS for a reply. Yes MONTHS because you forced us to migrate our internet service last December 2015. It’s now MARCH 2016!

We try very hard to honor your service. Globe products we use are the following:

  • Each of us have a cellphone plan (5 in total). That’s a total monthly cost of 4,195 pesos.
  • An LTE plan 799 pesos
  • Another Wimax at 795 pesos
  • Tattoo Mobile Wifi – prepaid

Please don’t think we are happy with your service. The only reason why were are sticking to you is because there are only two mobile companies in the Philippines. We are stuck in choosing the lesser evil and it’s not something you should be proud off.

So for now, we are going to suffer through this. But I write this letter with a definite threat that at the soonest opportunity that a new service provider will enter Philippines, we will be making the call. And I feel that majority of your subscribers are experiencing what we are currently experiencing.

A call For Calm

This is a very difficult time for me as my Facebook timeline is flooded with vitriol. The root cause is one statement from a popular athlete/congressman.


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