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You that feeling when you tried your best to initiate something, but your family isn’t helping or minding you at all. And then the date grows nearer and suddenly there’s a scramble. Then somebody else starts injecting herself into the planning stage, screws up the plans and still gets away with being applauded for allegedly grabbing the initiative to plan. While I got labeled as the neurotic one for causing a drama and nagging everyone to make a decision.

God I hate it.



I’ll be able to walk beside you and hold hands… 

Gay if Thrones? 

I have mixed feelings about this. I know it’s a spoof/parody but I wonder, why use gays? They were former bubble gang members, why not Gang of Thrones? 

Or maybe a unique concept instead of riding on the popularity of a foreign tv show. 

Good thing I don’t have a TV antenna or cable. I certainly wouldn’t wait to watch this. I’ll just read FB posts and blog reviews. 

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