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I’ll be able to walk beside you and hold hands… 


Gay if Thrones? 

I have mixed feelings about this. I know it’s a spoof/parody but I wonder, why use gays? They were former bubble gang members, why not Gang of Thrones? 

Or maybe a unique concept instead of riding on the popularity of a foreign tv show. 

Good thing I don’t have a TV antenna or cable. I certainly wouldn’t wait to watch this. I’ll just read FB posts and blog reviews. 

Just A Rant

When I started this blog, it was all about stuff that I was fixated on. Surprisingly, I am getting daily visitors. I’m hoping you’re enjoying my posts.

So basically, this is a rant about a certain political ad that just ran on several TV networks here in the Philippines. It was disheartening to see children being used to pull down a political candidate.

It was disturbing because the clips were chopped up for the intent of changing the context and then using kids. What happened to decency?

I won’t upload the sickening video here. I guess everyone will be seeing it on TV until May 9.

I voted for Gibo in 2010 because I knew Noynoy would be the worst president we would ever have. I guess I was right.

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