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BPI Gold Mastercard Update!

Hello to everyone! Another long post.

I’m sure you much be curious about what has been going on with my credit card. Just a recap, I have three credit cards.

Anyway, I have used it mainly for credit to cash stuff. The interests rates have been manageable and stuff. I may have splurged a bit but I did enjoy using my card.

There have been 0% interest promos from partner stores however most of them only have 6 months to pay and very few at 12 months or more. That’s why I have availed of credit to cash.

However, I might be consolidating all my loans from a coop loan. I find that  I can slash 50% of my monthly payments in doing so.

It has been a wonderful journey in using this card. Now I’m able to judge how much I really need and what should I use it for.

To everyone out there, spend wisely and God Bless!


No I’m not closing this blog. I’m just going on hiatus. Per usual.


Update: Metrobank Credit Card and How I Got it!

metrobank classic

Hello to everyone! I got another credit card. This time it’s from Metrobank. It’s only a blue card or a credit card with low credit limit. Hey at 30,000 pesos, it’s already enough for my needs. I got this card through an online application if I remember correctly.

Why the vagueness? It’s because I also applied through an agent that visited our hospital. So I’m not really sure which one of the two applications pushed through.

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Citibank Balance Transfer Offer

Yesterday I got a call from Citibank. They were offering a balance transfer of maximum 20,000 pesos which is half of my credit limit with Citibank. Basically what happens is that they ask if you have an existing credit card from another bank with an existing balance. So they will then offer to pay for that and let you charge it to your credit card (in this case Citibank) at a low interest rate depending on the promo. Their rate for me was 0.49% per month.

This was my first balance transfer and I was curious. … continue reading this entry.

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