Sing is a 3D Animated Musical Masterpiece

While the world was still recovering from Zootopia fever, another furry movie got released. Now I really don’t want to delve into the technical mumbo jumbo on the how Sing isn’t really made by Disney but rather from Illumination which made Despicable Me. And somehow Despicable Me is a Disney movie. And well, you get the drift.

Let’s just say Sing (2016) is a great movie. It’s entertaining, features moral lessons especially how finances can be a bitch. The performances were great. I didn’t expect the voices behind the characters to be very diverse. The casting system of American movie producers/directors really is an amazing process. These actors/actresses are not only talented in acting, they can carry a tune too!

*Spoiler Warning!*

ash scarlet johansson

First off, there’s Ash. A feisty porcupine that was supposedly part of a duo until circumstances split the two. Unfortunately, the boyfriend of Ash took it “hard” and proceeded to get a new girlfriend. Ash represents a trying hard to be cool teenager that somehow mistakes angst as a positive trait. Angst plus heartbreak can be a deadly combination and it ruins her singing. She recoups in the end and pulls off an original “breakup” song.

Voiced by Scarlet Johansson, I’m surprised at how she’s able to give Ash a voice. A singing voice at that.

johnny taron egerton

Wow, a surprise for this one. I remember Taron Egerton as the lead actor for Kingsman. And the kid has pipes! Playing Johnny who’s a gorilla. He’s conflicted as his father and his gang pull off robberies and he’s the lookout/driver. He just wants to sing but “work” gets in the way. He screws up as a driver and lands his dad and the gang in jail which puts a crimp in Johnny’s talent. Everything worked out in the end with a dramatic break out and an amazing song and piano combo.

Bonus pic, a spiffy hunky pic of Taron!

taron egerton plays johnny sing

Moving on.

rosita as reese witherspoon

Ok, she is the feels. I sympathize with mothers. They do so much for their family yet they’re underappreciated. Reese Witherspoon sings up a storm as Rosita, a mother piglet of more than a dozen little biggies and wife to apathetic but workaholic husband. Her confidence is shot, thankfully she’s paired with another pig who has enough ego for them both. Rosita sparkles in her number and rekindles her husband’s love and probably the respect of her children. Might I say, the newfound passion might rekindle baby-making (off cam and post-credits).

So I have to end my blog for now. The rest of the cast play their part splendidly and everything was a bit jumbled but ended well enough. You have to watch the whole movie to enjoy it.


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