My Rebound Girl

Ticked one off my movie list. Unfortunately, I really can’t muster much enthusiasm after watching my Rebound Girl. I am a fan of the Gonzaga sisters though but even so, the story was a bit mediocre.

The formula “the more you hate the more you love” is spun again between two people who have experienced bad breakups from their exes. As Rocky (Alex Gonzaga) and Rich (Joseph Marco) meet

and play a sort of cat and mouse game. Some tidbits thrown into the pot is a story about financial ruin/recovery and a somewhat attempt to recreate a Koreanovela Coffee Prince setting.

But the movie was titillating. I guess it deserves the 7.5/10 score given by IMDB. I still think though the director and writers could have done a bit more to improve the story.

As for the acting, sadly Alex doesn’t bring much to the silver screens. She’s more fitting in TV sitcoms than as a lead actress. Joseph on the other hand fits drama more than a romcom.

The movie was a romcom right? I couldn’t tell actually.

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