Karmic Life

What’s up people! As per my previous post. Things got a little bit depressing. Well not anymore! I should be thanking God for the karmic overturn of my life! Guess what!?

Quebec Flag

As of January 2017 (though I received the packet late) I am already selected for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program of Quebec! Finally after 2 years, I get my CSQ! And that was 2 days after a big

fight with my parents because they kept telling me I wasn’t being an achiever for not wanting to go abroad.

When in fact, I was trying to get to abroad. It was only because the processing times for Canada is up to 40 months! I should be thankful that I managed to get a reply in half the time it takes for most people!

This shut my parents up. However I didn’t gloat. I didn’t say “I told you so.” or anything. I had some time to think about it, I won’t try anymore to tell them my feelings. They won’t listen because that’s how they have been for the past 30 years of my life. But I won’t let it get to me. I have a future in a new country and I’d like to start with a clean slate!

Dieu merci!

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