Superstore is Fabulous!

superstore poster

I saw a couple of youtube video trailers about this, however I only saw Matteo on that vid. I didn’t think much of it because I thought it was just another youtube vlog or something. Boy, was I ever wrong!

Starring one of my favorite stars America Ferrera is Amy, a store manager who handles a group of misfits working in a superstore called cloud 9. Honestly though, Sausage Party was still messing with my head a bit so I was a little queasy watching this.

Trailer after the jump

The show is surprisingly funny, fresh (imo) and pokes fun at employee stereotypes and showcases their daily lives and the various personalities that enter the store.

I’m hoping that Superstore continues! Hooray! I get to see Ugly Betty again!

Now all that is left is for a competing store to open and run by Wilhelmina Slater aka Vanessa L. Williams. I’m thinking it would be Rainbow 10 as they are taking on Cloud 9. The slogan can be “A Mall for every Color” with a tongue in cheek whispered phrase, “except white, cause you can’t find that in a rainbow”.

God I miss Ugly Betty!


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