Kingsglaive made me Cry

kingsglaive theatrical poster

The creators of Final Fantasy don’t just make games and movies, they create a universe of relatable characters. My latest hero is Nyx Ulrich. Some spoilers (and naughty pics) below!

nyx ulric johan akan

Whoopsie! The human model of Nyx Ulric is Johan Akan. *wub dub* Hero material. Eeeee! Now where was I….

Nyx Ulrich model

Arr! Wrong picture. Now where is that pic of Nyx…

Nyx Ulrich

Now there you are… Handsome fella. We don’t see much skin in the movie… Sadly.

nyx ulric naked

Ohh look! Unfortunately, that’s the only thing I can see in Google. The internet is slow today. I’d expect someone as hot as him would have a lot of fan arts and fan stories. Maybe that’s because the movie has a tragic ending. I hate you Square Enix. They did the same thing with Final Fantasy X – The Spirits Within where they killed off Captain Grey Edwards at the end of the movie.

captain grey edwards final fantasy ctto

I can only console myself with these pics.

Nyx Ulric naked

johan akan model nyx ulric

johan akan nyx ulric sexy smile

johan akan naked nyx ulric

Whooooo! Deep breaths. *inhale* exhale*

This was supposed to be a review on Kingsglaive. Hahaha! Anyway, story wise it’s generic infiltration movie. We’””ve had movies like “London has Fallen”, “Olympus has Fallen” etc. mixed in with the classic Final Fantasy story line of warring kingdoms, a crystal, a flamboyant chancellor and badass techniques, spells and summons. Oh and a damsel in distress.

But why Square Enix? Why build up another male character, make him likeable and have a sad ending for him? It’s the same as Captain Grey Edwards in Final Fantasy X: The Spirits Within.

I think that this will have an effect on the Final Fantasy XV series. It’s going to be the shadow of Nyx Ulric versus Noctis. I’ve read some reviews that the story starts out great but palls in the middle. Maybe an update will revive it. Say Phoenix Down on Nyx Ulric please?

Overall, Final Fantasy X Kingsglaive is fun to watch, has some tearjerker moments and gripping action scenes. Grab a bucket of popcorn and a box of tissues for your emissions from unnamed body parts.


PS. I think there’s a lack of bromance in this movie. The next best looking guy in the Kingsglaive turned out to be a traitor so it’s kind of sad. The bestfriend of Nyx is… Chunky. So I guess that’s what limits possible fan stories about Nyx getting it on with some other FF character.


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