Update: Metrobank Credit Card and How I Got it!

metrobank classic

Hello to everyone! I got another credit card. This time it’s from Metrobank. It’s only a blue card or a credit card with low credit limit. Hey at 30,000 pesos, it’s already enough for my needs. I got this card through an online application if I remember correctly.

Why the vagueness? It’s because I also applied through an agent that visited our hospital. So I’m not really sure which one of the two applications pushed through.


Anyway, the Metrobank Visa card comes automatically activated. I was able to use it for purchases immediately. Now I’ve had several readers complain of the delivery of their credits card from various banks.

What I did was have the HR of my hospital accept my mails. So it doesn’t matter if I’m not at home or at work, the courier just leaves it with the HR. I’d get the card when I go to work. So that’s a tip for everyone else.

Services that I have availed of with my Metrobank Visa card.

I’ve used it for cash advances. Metrobank visa have charges which are way high. A bit higher than BPI. There wasa 600 admin charge plus the usual interest rate. I think for a 2,000 cash advance I was billed 2,700 something pesos.

Cash 2 go – The interest rate is higher compared to BPI at 0.99% versus BPI 0.79%. Some fees were also added so for a 20k cash 2 go, I’m billed 26k pesos.

Online banking is also good with their website www.metrobank.com.ph Just don’t forget to add the ph because if you don’t the www.metrobank.com will redirect you to some spanish website something.

I’m still checking out other features but with a 30k CL, I’m not able to do much. Hoping to be approved for a higher credit limit but for now, Metrobank Visa is a good back up credit card.



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