Entering A New World in Youtube

hallo thereHi everyone! I hope I’m not talking to air here. Anyway, I’ve been gone for a long time. I’ve been busy with work. To people who’ve been visiting my blog because of my credit card reviews, I’ll be posting about my METROBANK CREDIT card! Oh yeah!

So it’s almost midnight, and I’m just browsing Youtube. There are different worlds in Youtube that I’ve noticed. They’re actually categories but I call them worlds because there’s so much to explore. For example, there are the cat videos, the gross videos, the dog rescue videos and more.

A react video is also a popular world in Youtube. Pewdiepie leads so far in react videos about gaming, the Fine Bros channel has several formats from asking children to elders to react certain things. Food reactions also have a strong following.

This time I was able to enter a world of singers/songs reactions. I’m actually new to this and I’m surprised at how a lot of foreigners are reacting to Filipino singers. Recently 107.5 Wish FM had Morissette Amon cover the song “Secret Love Song” originally sung by Little Mix.

I’m still swooning from listening to it.

So apparently reacting to singers (on video) is a thing on youtube and I’ve found several channels and vloggers reacting to Morissette. They’re so fun to watch. I wish I could make a reaction video to their reactions but the camera hates me.

Here are my favorite reaction videos. Morissette you rock!

Aside from the fact that I’m not photogenic, I sing like a frog. Actually scratch that, frogs actually can produce animal melody.



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