Windows 10 is <3

windows 10

The windows 10 OS is a beaut! I have an old Acer Aspire 4740g laptop and it’s been lagging lately. So I downloaded the OEM windows 7 software and reformatted the whole drive. I was happy with the cleaned up OS, then I got a notification that I’m eligible for a free windows 10.

At first I was a bit hesitant because a new OS means I’d need an updated or new laptop. I had a bad experience with Windows Vista. However after reading some blogs, some people said that windows 10 isn’t a resource hog. An even older laptop than mine was fine after a windows 10 update.

So I did it. And so far my laptop is

running smoothly!

The installer took some time to download (approximately 2 gb) and it was like installing a windows update. The installation won’t require you to format your drive or backup your files but for safety, store your important files in an external HDD. And if you know how to create an image of your system, I encourage you to do so. That way, you can return your OS to your original one. So create a system repair disk and a system image just in care if you don’t like windows 10.

Windows 10 has a lot of features. I especially love the app store. It’s like the android appstore where you get to see a lot of apps you can install or buy without having to wonder if it’s compatible to your laptop or if it’s official software. I guess Microsoft took a page out of Google’s book. Especially since Google don’t put a pricetag on Android OS but has apps in google play to generate income for the company and the creator, Microsoft is taking that approach. Offering a free OS with an appstore.

I’m still evaluating the OS. I’m hoping that I can install my favorite software and games without any trouble.

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