Yummy Creme de Leche @ Mang Inasal


It’s a sinful indulgence of mine. Sometimes I sneak into Mang Inasal to enjoy an obviously calorific dessert. The concoction is a similar one to Razon’s halo halo. Just a few ingredients and it tastes amazing. Usually a halo halo is a mixture of jello, fruits, milk and other stuff depending on the maker. Razon’s and Mang Inasal only has about 3 to 4 ingredients.

You have evaporated milk, sugar, sweetened coconut shavings (?), and leche flan, sweetened banana slices on top of shaved ice. The Razon’s version has macapuno instead.

I remember staying in Butuan for a year and I pigged out on Razon’s white halo halo. Mang Inasal’s creme de leche tastes almost the same except that sometimes the bananas are raw and that reduces the flavor. A lot.

*stomach growl*

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