Zootopia is so Cute!

zootopia judy hops and foxCall me a closet furry! I just love the animation of Zootopia, the storyline was engaging and the moral lesson learned was well worth the money.

Those predators especially the lions and tigers were definitely hunky and no wonder, a lot of “furries” love the movie!

A furry is someone who finds anthromorphic animals

“appealing” and sexy. The fox Nick Wilde has an uncanny resemblance to another earlier “furry” Robin Hood of the animated movie from Disney.

furry zootopia muscled naked fox

Sexy fox (cto)

The final scene where Gazelle (Shakira) sings the OST with four tigers was definitely suggestive that Disney took into account the furries in the world.

dancing tigers zootopia

Still, Zootopia featured a lot of animals and the how the story develops may be surprising.

Disney will be releasing Zootopia on bluray but you can head on to other movie service providers to watch it. Who knows, the movie might crop up on Disney channel soon.

Bonus furry pic!

gogo tigersexy tiger dancerstiger bulgetoshifox zootopia sexy tiger dancer

Puts the *rawr* in roar.


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