Eating @ The Fork Malaybalay City

The Fork in Malaybalay City is a relatively new restaurant. It’s located near The Waterpool which is a the nearest pool you can find from the city proper.

If you’ve read my blog, I have written about several restaurants and I try to be objective about my experiences.

Environment and Ambiance


The place is relatively nice. They went with a spartan hipster vibe. There aren’t that much decor but somehow it suites the place. You’re there to eat after all, if the place is clean then it should be good enough.




What was lacking was the music. It made the whole place hollow. Even if you’re there to eat, it’s also nice to have a comfortable environment. The warehouse style ceiling, cement floors and bare walls made the whole place feel foreboding. Hoping that the management can invest in an adequate sound system and perhaps a couple of Sitti CDs.

A big turn off is the other staff (presumably from the Waterpool and Micro hotel) going in and out of the place. They were not in uniform. Also you could see the kitchen window from where I was sitting. The chef/cook/staff inside was shirtless… Not a good way to whet my appetite because I was expecting a restaurant meal, not a side walk vendor meal.

Oh, there’s no WIFI but it’s not a deal breaker for me because I have mobile data. But the signal strength is horrible inside. So go there for the food.

FOOD of The Fork

The waiting time to see a waiter was decent enough. Though it was probably because I was alone at that time. The food did take time though. About 30 minutes. The menu was printed on paper… Unique I guess.


Seriously… I ordered ice tea. They got me this… At 40 pesos, I wasn’t really satisfied at how they presented this too me. Maybe they can open it inside the kitchen and maybe whip it up a bit to create a foam. But honestly though, this bottled water tinged with tea tasted horrible. Had to order a soft drink. I also asked for water, they gave me rap water which was a bit like pool water. I should have specified mineral water, something Nature spring can do decently.




The food was relatively okay. But at the price I paid, I was hoping for something passable. The lechon kawali was really dry, the chicken was salty, burned in some places and tasted like pork. They probably cooked the lechon kawali and chicken together. The rice tasted like it was in the rice cooker for sometime and reheated. The gravy was cold and lumpy… And tasted like it was a cheap commercial powder mix. Only the soy sauce dip tasted okay (I love soy sauce with lots of minced onions and ginger).

Finally dessert.


Brazo de mercedes. At least I think it is. It had a hard layer of freezer burned ice cream and a brick layer of graham crackers. I couldn’t finish it so I took it home which thawed the whole thing enough for me to eat.

Prices of The Fork

I always write about the price last because sometimes the whole experience justifies the bill.


I guess it was a mildly satisfying experience. But there is room for improvement for the management. The place has potential because it’s located near the Waterpool and a microhotel.


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