Rebuild 3


I’ve been playing this game for the past few weeks. It costs $5 in the Google Play store. Originally, Rebuild was a flash game in In fact, you can still see the original game there. The original rebuild was a turn based strategy game where you assign “survivors” to various tasks on “tiles”.

Each tile is a property of some sort such as farms, dwelling places, laboratories, schools etc. Your survivors can scout, got to school, farm, kill zombies, reclaim an tile and fortify it. What you do determines the survival of your people because at each turn, you will be facing zombies and even other survivors.

Rebuild 3 is an expansion of the original game. There’s now a story line. You start near the Canada border and work your way into the country into a CDC research lab. As you progress, you can have several members come along with you that have been strengthened by previous games making each start at a new city easier.

The game has several new features. You now have to earn the respect of several factions so that you can trade or ally with them. Or choose to eliminate them.

I’m still finishing up the game but so far it has been very entertaining. I’m a little bit OC so I tend to try and reclaim all of the tiles available.

There are lots of endings available so be careful of your choices and who you trust.

Rebuild 3 promises to be an enjoyable game and I’m still hooked!


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