A call For Calm

This is a very difficult time for me as my Facebook timeline is flooded with vitriol. The root cause is one statement from a popular athlete/congressman.


Here’s a summary of what he said which is being reported in several news networks, blogs etc.


Here’s another video reaction:


I know he issued an apology but later posts a bible passage that calls for homosexuals to be put to death.

It’s very unfortunate that a popular figure like him is using very old passages from the Old Testament to justify hatred, to deny a group of people happiness and seriously the way he said it, he was half smirking or smiling as if it was “common sense”.

My rant would be very long as I have a lot of things on my head right now. What I do remember from my Bible camp days is the reason and people who put Jesus to death. Many think it was “demonic” influence but in reality, it was bigots who was deeply entrenched in the Old Testament that had Jesus crucified.

Anyway, it’s pretty saddening how in a span of few days, Philippines returned to it’s bigoted days.

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