Returning to Pancake House

pancake house

It’s been ten years since I last visited Pancake House. I was treated to a free meal by a relative. You really can’t find Pancake House in rural areas so I have never been able to go back.

Pancake House was considered to be a very expensive restaurant. Luckily a branch opened in Limketkai Mall. I think the branch there is almost 20 years old. As the name suggests, they serve pancakes and waffles. In the 90s, pancakes with maple or honey syrup were luxury food. It was considered “sosyal” if you were able to eat them. There were boxes of premixed pancake flour but those were relatively expensive especially to my parents who were then earning a middle class salary.

Today, I decided to enjoy my “financial freedom” and indulge in an expensive meal. Yes it was really expensive. I’ll be honest with my review of the place.

pancake house classic golden brown waffle

First, I ordered a classic waffle which they described as “golden brown”. The flavor was mediocre, I guess it’s because pancakes are now common and there are streetfood versions available. The taste is like Waffletime. Belgian waffles had a more distinct taste. However, I was given a generous serving of maple syrup and butter so I can’t complain much. Still I was expecting a heavenly meal. It was okay while it was hot but the waffle cooled quickly and the rest of the waffle tasted like flour.

pancake house meal

Pancake House also serves meals like this Tapsilog otherwise known as Tapa (beef jerky), Sinanlag (fried rice), Itlog (sunny side up fried egg). The meal was plain. The tapa was too spicy, the egg looked and tasted like it got zapped in a microwave and the rice wasn’t “fried rice”. Overall, I’m disappointed with the experience. Especially since the whole meal was almost half a thousand pesos.

Oh well, I do hope they’ll do better next time.

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