ALL new sailor moon crystal!

sailor moon crystal

The gay kid in me is screaming with joy! I really love watching Sailor Moon. I’m pretty sure this Anime is popular to gays and straights alike because of the characters, easy to memorize special moves and of course, a cheesy romance plot line. This Anime was popular in the 90s and I really wanted to watch the original series.


Back then, I could only watch in secret because a lot of people judged me for watching it. Even my former bestfriend/neighbor didn’t like me watching this series. I never did get to finish watching the original as the laptop I used to download the whole series went kaboom due to old age (10 years old). And there was no internet in the 90s in the Philippines back then. Or easy way to ship CDs from abroad.

Now that I’m an adult, there’s no stopping me from buying the series or watching them online. And I am so happy!

Sailor Moon Crystal is a remake of the original series and there are good points and bad points. First they went away with most of the long transformation scenes except where it’s necessary. I liked how the started combining the transformation scenes of the other Sailor Guardians. It’s still nice to see Usagi as she dances about with an invisible chiropractor and an entourage of make-up artists, hair stylist, and modiste to finally transform into Sailor Moon with a “Bitch I woke up like this” attitude.

Second, this is more like a 1/2 good and 1/2 bad thing. They allowed the Sailor Guardians to use special attacks without the usual “attack scene”.  You can now see them dishing out special attacks like crazy and I’m loving it! I do miss the old style though which focuses on the beauty and elegance of the Sailor Guardian.

sailor jupiter thunder attacksailor mars fire attacksailor mercury bubble attack

Sailor Guardians with their special attacks. Gone are the iconic and scenic special attacks that are used over and over again until the develop a powerup. However the battle scenes are more exciting compared to the old Sailor Moon series. Epic battles = big plus!

Even Sailor Moon’s iconic Moon Escalation is made a bit more spontaneous.

sailor moon new healing escalation

Finally, they’ve probably trimmed the storyline for whole series. Which is a good thing since it adds a bit of reality to the series. The new episodes are a bit more adult versus the child-like naiveté of the old episodes. In the old Sailor Moon series, the secret identities of the characters took a long time to be unmasked even though the transformation hardly changed their appearances. In the new series, the secret identities are easily recognized which is what would happen in reality if an ordinary girl with blond hair in buns transformed into a sailor suit still with blond hair in buns.  This meant that Tuxedo Mask knew who Usagi was earlier than expected. And Usagi who’s a bit slow, finally knew who Tuxedo Mask is after 5 episodes.

I’m 1/4 in to the new series and I’m loving Sailor Moon Crystal! I hope the remake finishes all of the series!


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