what’s wrong with globe internet now?

My old Globe Wimax

My old Globe Wimax

Earlier this year I was literally forced by Globe Telecom to ditch my Wimax internet in favor of their new LTE modems.

It was not a pleasant experience. I don’t write much about my Globe Wimax/LTE in this blog. I focused more on my mobile data especially their unfair usage policy (FUP).

TL;DR version – I endured bad connection with Globe Wimax. Just when it was getting fixed, I got forced into a Globe Tattoo Home LTE plan. No more unlimited internet, still the same set of problems. Only worse.

A Rocky Start with Globe Wimax

To provide a backstory, I got my Wimax connection in June 2011. Right at the bat, I experienced slow browsing, intermittent connection and even selective browsing. I was an online article writer at that time so you can just imagine my frustration as I could not complete tasks which ended up me getting fired from 4 clients. I wanted to cut the Wimax but I was threatened with a disconnection fee of the whole 24 months (to which they now deny) of monthly recurring fee of 995 pesos every month. That was a total of 23,880 pesos.

So I kept my Wimax and for three years, I would call almost every week, pleading to get a decent connection of at least 15 days in a month. I got fired from two more clients and I got really depressed as I was hoping to earn enough money for immigration fees and expenses. What Globe did to me is affecting my future right now as I’m still unable to finish my immigration papers due to lack of funds.

To rub salt in my wounds, after the two year lock in period I didn’t get a call for a loyalty award. Also at that time I wanted to switch to Smart Broadband but there were no service yet in my area. I had to call several months after my two year lock in period only to be berated by their “rewards” agent that I should wait for their call. It would be a full year after when I had to call and followed them up did they give me a 100 peso off my monthly recurring fee. Yes, four years of subscribing and that was what I got.

Forced Migration to LTE

The happy side of the story was that some engineer or technician probably pitied me and he/she bumped my speed to 2 mbps. I enjoyed that for almost a year. Even if there was intermittent connection, at least it only took half the time to redownload/upload something. For the selective browsing, I solved it with a VPN. It was a bit expensive but it allowed me to access websites that Globe can’t open properly.

That happiness wouldn’t last long when early this year 2015, about March or so, my speed plummeted to 5% of my 2mbps speed. It was basically GPRS. Apparently, they were phasing out the Wimax modems. I was supposed to get a call from the support group about the migration in January or so. Just like what they do most of the time, they lied on my account records about informing me so I was shocked when I called customer support by March. They told me that the Wimax network got phased out and anyone with a Wimax modem were bumped to the GPRS signal.

I tried to ask them if I can keep my Wimax account but Globe CSRs were unapologetic about the whole thing. It was to migrate or be stuck with GPRS speed. I had to say goodbye to that wonderful 2 mbps speed and migrate to the LTE. They assured me, service would be better. So goodbye unlimited internet service and hello daily 3gb cap. I couldn’t even get unlimited internet anymore.

Déjà vu Globe

It took another two weeks before the technical support group to come to my house. Yes, I endured GPRS speed for two weeks.

When they finally showed up they took away my Wimax and replaced it with a new model. I was intrigued at first because the model was like a pocketknife of modems. It had a USB port for media and it had Wifi. In fact with some tinkering, I could set up four Wifi SSIDs. The modem page was also better. No more passwords just to check the status. Things looked good as the connection was about 0.80 mbps as tested by the support group.

Unfortunately, it would only last an hour. After the support group left, my modem blinked red. I had no connection. I called the support group immediately as I had their number and they just told me to wait for another 24 hours. I waited three days for the connection to return.

And when the connection returned, all I can say is that the CSR of Globe lied. My experience with was horrific. The 3gb/day cap stressed me out. Some of my clients wanted me to upload 1080p videos to youtube as part of my job. I couldn’t do it with my LTE connection. I had to decline those tasks which meant less $$$. If that wasn’t bad enough, intermittent connection and slow browsing at only 0.40 mbps average plagued me everyday.

Connecting more than one device increased the problems. Since I was forced to drop my unlidata plan into a data allocation/month, I connect my phone to my Wifi a lot. Not this time. I have to use only one device at a time because if I try to connect more than one device, I won’t be able to connect to the internet on both. I can’t even open multiple websites! If I try to open Facebook with GMAIL and Google, they’d just keep on loading without ever finishing. I checked with the pings, once I open two websites, packets start to get dropped.

Again, I wanted to cut the line. Unfortunately, I was in another two year lock in period. So now I’m back to calling Globe customer support every week and dealing with robotic Customer Support Reps and lying technical support groups.

Thirty Percent is OKAY!

And that’s according to the Support Group and Customer Support of Globe. I’ve been reporting the intermittent connection and like automatons, the CSR kept on writing slow connection in my reports. So support group keeps on replying that since I was at 40% of my speed (0.40 mbps average), everything was fine. And they don’t even bother to call me to say so. I’d just suffer another three to seven days of poor service before I lose my patience and call CSR again. Only to find out that the support group dismissed my problem because I was still above the 30% minimum.

And yet I am paying 100% of my monthly bill.

Right now my connection sucks and I just endured another hour long call with the Globe CSR. Again they sent a message to the support group. I’m told to wait for 24 hours for a feedback from the support group. The same advice they gave me when I called a week ago. And the cycle repeats.



  1. ryan Said:

    I started having trouble with my globe dsl since last quarter 2015. But b4 that, globe is perfectly fine, the intermittent connection is persistent, and the technical service man advice me that this only happens in residential sector, but for business they are perfectly fine. Also the technician is blaming that FB users exploded from legion to zounds, lol. I said to him, off course its a social media, he also blame the PISO net of PLDT and gaming users. I said to him, you should remove those services and nothing will avail globe internet. I’ve also write to NTC ab8 my problem, but I don’t think that they can solve or find out what the real problem is. Also the technician told me that I should avoid using multiple application that consumes bandwidth because intermittent connection will much more likely to happen. I did not argue anymore coz I know that I should unsubscribe ASAP coz money is hard to earn. Now I understand why NPA destroyed a lot of cell site, it is because these companies are not for the people. I have a friend in USA, their internet is only $69 for 108 mbps meaning he’s download rate is ab8 10-15 mbps. He said he downloaded all world of warcraft game and DLC for ab8 30mins. Now I changed my plan this 2016, I recently deployed my own created 1st game in Itune and google play, but I know I wont last in this industry as long as I have intermittent connection or I live in the Philippines. So I decided I should improve my farming business and change my research from opengl programming to electronics and learn how to make my own less cost solar panel. I hope I finished my 2016 objective b4 my birthday.

    • C.A.T.Guy Said:

      What service are you using right now?

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