To buy or Not to buy a New Laptop

affordable laptop

I really appreciate my friend. He bought a new laptop and sold his old one to me for only almost a fourth of the original price. It’s a good laptop but it definitely is showing some wear and tear however at 8,000 pesos, I can’t really complain. This will be a good laptop to tide me over since as of last year, most laptops costs 25,000 pesos and above.

Surprisingly ASUS released a very cheap laptop which has  competitive specs.

They are both 14” laptops. They are both the same model I guess, the difference is that one is pre-loaded with Windows and the other is just DOS which means you have to buy a separate OS which costs like 3,000 to 5,000 pesos right now.

Here’s a closer look at their specs.

affordable asus laptop

I stand corrected. Both of the laptops don’t have any OS installed. This first one is a quad core.

asus laptop with no OS

This one is dual core.

Not sure if there’s a real difference when going quad core or dual core.

I don’t think I wasted my money buying a 2nd hand laptop for almost half the price of a brand new laptop. The laptop I got is an Acer 4740g and it’s still a good laptop with an Intel Core i3 processor.

So maybe I should just save up more money and really upgrade to an i7. For now, I think I’ll be content with my current laptop.



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