San Andreas Movie Rocks with the Rock!

san andreas the rock dwayne johnson movie poster

After my meal in Pepper Lunch in Centrio Ayala Mall I met up with some friends and watched the movie of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, an apocalyptic movie called San Andreas.

Warning! My blogpost will contain some spoilers so watch the movie first!

Here’s the short of it. It’s a good movie to watch in the theatre. The loud sound helps set the mood as you watch major carnage happening on screen.

What can I say? I’m amazed that a wrestler like Dwayne Johnson manage to become an A-list star in Hollywood. This movie is probably his biggest so far with all the budget going to scenes, CGI, extras and stuntmen.

The plot isn’t new or groundbreaking (pun not intended). It’s about an earthquake and you’ve got a team of experts with the subplot of the world (or just USA) not listening to them. It’s not that preachy but it does give you the impression that people should *cough* give more funding to seismologists. So the title of the movie refers to the San Andreas fault which according to the first few scenes, is almost a hundred years overdue to move.

*not part of the movie* I think with all the buildings, those concrete and metal from other parts of the USA piled on top of that fault might have held down things but it also means more energy is being stored down there. Just a theory of mine.

Cut to the protagonists, the Rock plays part of a rescuer who just lost his wife to a rich architect. Earthquake happens as his family are at nearly opposite ends of the west coast (did I get that right?).

San Andreas probably had a larger body count compared to another movie that caused my slight Seismophobia or fear of earthquakes (see you learn new words here), a 1997 film called Dante’s Peak. Of course better technology meant that San Andreas showed more realistic catastrophic scenes such as crumbling buildings, tsunami and all.

The movie didn’t manage to become too preachy as I’ve said earlier. Most apocalyptic movies sometimes touch on religion and how sinners need to repent and all. Sure it does give more depth a disaster movie but it’s a bore to me. Just like Dante’s Peak, San Andreas was all about science and people especially the protagonists trying to survive. The casualties weren’t really on focus compared to some movies where they try to show a bit of their lives first before killing them off.

As the movie ended, I was connected again to the life of the protagonists as he saved his daughter from a sinking building. It’s somewhat unrealistic for me though for the disaster to end after the hero rescues his family.

Overall, the movie was a good one. Definitely worth watching in a large theater with booming sound effects. San Andreas is a movie of the summer (it’s summer here in the Philippines). And certainly enough, Centrio Ayala Mall theatre was almost full with only several vacant seats.



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