Virtuaguy Is Still Alive!

Christian Herzog - Nice shotNo I’m not being paid to advertise this website/software. VirtuaGuy is the gay counterpart of another popular website/software called virtuagirl.

I remember back in 2000-something, I found this software called “virtuagay”. As a budding homosexual (yes I am, in case if you haven’t been tipped off yet with my posts) it was very exciting for me to see strippers dancing on my computer desktop screen. Granted they were only demos of the strippers, they still took off everything but underwear. Each stripper danced for only a couple of minutes but it was entertaining.

Unfortunately, I was still (actually still am) in the closet so I couldn’t keep the software on my computer for long. And the lack of a credit card and income prevented me from actually “buying” models to dance on my screen.


Fast-forward a few years later, I actually forgot about this program. It had a new name, VirtuaguyHD and it was only by chance that I found the software again on the internet. I was really surprised that it was still going.

I quickly signed up and whipped out my adult ID (aka credit card) and have downloaded a few models on my personal laptop. Yes! I finally have the privacy and privileges of an adult so yeah I’m living it up!

virtuaguy strip

As I type this post, Christian Herzog as shown on the picture has been tantalizing me with his gorgeous accent and alabaster skin. Whew!

There have been lots of changes to the software. They now call the models performances as “cards” and you can buy a card for about 1.60 credits. The exchange rate so far is 1 credit = 2$. Not bad really since they offer a +50% credit on first purchase. Downloading a card is easier now compared to before. It seems that the software has p2p feature which allows you to resume downloads even when you restarted the program.

Other features now include addition of music, large screen format, 720p to 1080p cards and you can even have up to 10 guys dancing on your desktop! You can choose to have “safe stripping” down to their undies or go all the way. A panic shortcut key can also be assigned especially if you happen to be in a public place.

Sadly the company has been focusing more on their VirtuaGirl software. The last time they uploaded new cards was in 2011 which was almost 4 years ago.

I do hope VirtuaGuy will become popular again and get a lot of members. More members means more income for this company to maybe hire new models.

For now my favorites are Christian Herzog, Jonathan Agassi and Mickael and I have about 89 more shows to review!



You don’t have to buy cards to see strippers. The program comes with almost 10 demos so enjoy seeing them dance on your desktop! You can even set them up as screensavers!


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