Another Meal at Pepper Lunch Centrio

beef pepper riceAnd you can’t blame me. The food here is always good! I accidentally on purpose skipped lunch so the calories are justified as I inhaled one beef pepper lunch meal and two glasses of iced tea. I posted a while back of the meal experience in Pepper Lunch.

This time around, I managed to take a picture before demolishing my meal.

Listen to that sizzle! Mmmmmm!

Seeing the raw meat sizzle never ceases to amaze me. It’s like I have a portable stove in front of me. You just have to move fast enough. I poured in a good amount of garlic sauce and watched it cook and the air was permeated with a nice savory smell only cooked garlic can give.

I salted my egg a bit before mixing it with the rice and I still seasoned the whole thing with several dashes of black pepper. It took me two glasses of iced tea to parch my thirst but it was worth it!

molten lava ala modeFinally came dessert. I wasn’t able to order one the last time. This is the usual dessert I order when I’m here. It’s their Molten Lava Cake ala Mode. Well, “ala mode” is just cake with a scoop of ice cream.

mixing the ala mode in pepper lunchI was a bit disappointed though. The cake should be moist and steaming, my cake was a bit dry. However the scoop of vanilla ice cream more than made up for the dryness.

My friend finally came and she ordered a chicken teriyaki and it looks delicious.

I know I’ll be back here again!



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