Just ate (again) at Pepper Lunch!

pepper lunch symbolIt’s my favorite place in Centrio Ayala. Pepper Lunch uses a hot plate to serve fresh food. The meat is half-cooked and eggs are served raw. Don’t worry though, the heat from the plate is enough to cook all of them. Even the vegetables sizzle nicely as you mix everything. 

To add some zing to your Pepper Lunch plate, try their sauces and spices. There’s the staple pepper and salt and two sauces that can change the flavor of your food. You have Honey Brown sauce and Garlic Sauce.

garlic sauce

This sauce contains a kick of garlic flavor that enhances the meat. I like to splash some on the rice too and with some black pepper. With a raw egg on the rice, whisk the whole mixture over the hot plate to make instant fried rice!

honey brown sauce pepper lunch

The sweet honey sauce boosts your Pepper Lunch meal by giving it an umami taste. I try not to pour too much though because it’s a powerful mix. I balance the sweetness with some salt over my meat. If you want an exciting vegetable side dish, mix this honey sauce over the greens and season with salt. Heat up the combo over the hot plate and you’ve got instant stir fried vegetables!

pepper rice from pepper lunch

Oopsie! I was going to take a picture of my food before I ate it but I was really hungry and my mouth was watering already. I love to leave some meat behind and pour honey brown and garlic sauce over it and munch them as they cool.

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  1. Looks delicious! I love looking at food pics.

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