Le Cafe

This is pretty much an iconic store in Malaybalay City. The fancy name sums up what it offers or rather what it offers.

I’m not a picky customer. As long as the service and food are okay then I’m satisfied.


At first glance, Le Cafe is classy. The decors range from varnished wood to antique metal fixtures. The lights are kept dimmed and it does provide a sense of privacy despite the fact that the shop is a dinghy 12 by 20 feet something space. However to a critic, the imperfections show such as mismatched furniture, plastic and faux gilding.


Le Cafe could do with 2 waiters. Sometimes it takes too long to have your order taken. I’m just curious though why it would take 45 minutes to order a slice of cake that’s already on display. A simple bacon and egg breakfast already takes a long time to be served. During peak hours expect to delay your order.


Not that remarkable but it is one of the best in Malaybalay. However avoid peak times or when the cafe is full. The quality of food goes down just like this Chocolate Parfait.


The scoops where haphazardly squashed into the glass. My Brownie sundae also suffered the same fate but still the food was satisfying enough.

I can’t complain much though. It’s the best that Malaybalay can offer.

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