Globe Telecom Sucks Again


I found this on twitter. And ironically I’m also going through the same thing.

I consider myself at least, a loyal Globe subscriber. That’s because despite all the problems I’ve experienced, they
at least have a way of correcting their mistakes compared to the other networks network.

Unfortunately I have my limits…

First, they had very unstable internet, call and text service. One time, I called my mother, another person answered. It seems that for 2 days, calls kept getting switched. Then internet would disappear for days or slow to a crawl. Text messages wouldn’t reach intended people.

Second, the sudden implementation of fair usage policy crippled my usage to 1gb a day. At least they didn’t keep the 3gb a month thing so at least I’m still getting the most of my plan.

Finally, the last straw. I’ve finished my 2 year contract. I was expecting a call but I didn’t so I called them. I was shocked to know that I need to let go of my plan if I wanted to get any loyalty reward.

So I considered the new plan they were offering me. It was still 1,799 that had a  value twice the peso value so that’s basically 3,200 something. Then subtract 999 5gb/month plan so you get 2,201 pesos for call/text and other uses. But what happens when you used up your 5gb/month. You are charged 2 pesos per mb or roughly 2,000 for another 1gb. It’s that expensive.

What makes it worse is that recontracting is the same as getting a new plan. There’s cash out, advance and everything. I’m being treated like as if I’m a new subscriber.

So where’s the recontracting bonus? There’s none! Instead, I’m getting a lower value plan cause it’s not unlimited anymore.

Right now I’m planning on having my phone unlocked and then trying out a prepaid sim card of the other network. If it’s fast then I’ll consider switching. I’m tired of Globe Telecom.


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  1. […] It was not a pleasant experience. I don’t write much about my Globe Wimax/LTE in this blog. I focused more on my mobile data especially their unfair usage policy (FUP). […]

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