You Should Meet my Son Sequel Should Happen

You Should Meet My Son - The stripper scene.

You Should Meet My Son – The stripper scene.

You Should Meet my Son! is a 2011 gay comedy movie. It’s such a fun movie. However the movie did start a little bit awkward as May Davis and her sister Rose are portrayals of how ignorant ‘straight’ people act about gays. I think it was a dramatized characterization though. The script was engaging enough. Still, some of the actors couldn’t act properly but they got comfortable towards the end.


The story is about a mother (and her sister) finding out secretly that her son, Bryan is gay. They hoped to ‘fix’ him first before having him meet women and they go to a gay conversion clinic led by a stereotype macho man however they discover horrible gay conversion therapies. Somehow the movie pokes fun the conversion centers but I think there are real conversion centers out there that have therapies like that only more gruesome.

A lot more things happen but what I’m amazed is the writer’s attention to the process of acceptance. The mother went through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.

It’s a great movie. Try to discreetly have your mother watch this.

This definitely deserves a sequel and I hope it’s not too late. I felt that the movie ended too fast when it was really an hour long one.



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