Free Facebook is Back (Globe Telecom)

The Dreaded FREE FB

UGH! Before I start my rant, I just want to say that I have no problems with the subscribers using this service. After all, it is free. Who doesn’t want free stuff?

I just want to say that I have suffered because of this free FB for the months that it was being offered. They started the FREE FB for GLOBE thing in November 2013 up to April 2014. During those months my expensive Php 1,799 mobile internet went KAPUT! I spent days calling technical support team about the poor quality of my internet connection. I firmly believe that the free FB burdened the capacity of Globe that they started to implement data cap last February on a data plan that was supposedly unlimited and had been unlimited for the past year.

So I’m angry at Globe because let’s not joke around here, their network can handle the strain. PERIOD.



I’m still angry at the fair usage policy stuff of Globe.

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