Teen Wolf heats up with Deputy Parrish *Contains Spoilers*

… Literally!

deputy sheriff parrish burns

Teen Wolf Episode 9: Perishable starts off with Deputy Sheriff (hope I got that right) Parrish unconscious and bound. *kinky*

One thing for sure, his killer lacked the finesse to properly do the job. Not that I wanted Parrish offed so early in the season, or ever. I still want my STARRISH! Get it? Stiles and Parrish? Ahahaha… aha… ha…

Anyway, so to those who weren’t able to watch the Season 4 teaser may have screamed in dismay after a hot 20 something hunk burned to death in his own car. Well Jeff Davis manages to throw a curveball again as Parrish lives and doesn’t even know what he is. He walks off wearing the costume of the 73rd Hunger Games costumes of tributes from District 12!

deputy sheriff parrish hot

Sorry, that was way too geeky even for me. Anyway, he proceeds to beat the hell out of his assassin and the screen zooms in on…

the benefactor knows

Downright weird. He knows that Parrish isn’t dead but weirdly enough, he requires visual confirmation of every kill. This has some sort of significance. Maybe he can ‘see’ in his mind who died but needs physical evidence like a photograph in order to do so.

Basically Davies teased us once again on who his new villain in this season is. He has done this a lot of times in the past seasons. Season one took about several episodes before Peter Hale and Jackson got identified. Season two even took longer as the new villain was someone nobody knew would be the one (the dark druid Darach something). Though a lot of female and male fans were angry at her for doing the deed with Derek Hale. Season three took everyone by surprise when it was shown that it was possessed Stiles who made everyone’s life hell.

So basically I’m curious on who the Benefactor is now. I’ve made a small list on who I think it is.

  1. Peter Hale – His name is not on the list yet he got targeted which is weird.
  2. Danny – He knew about werewolves. I don’t know, maybe he is, maybe he’s not.
  3. Scott’s Dad – Sorry, I suck at remembering names but yeah I suspect him. A lot.
  4. Gerard – The old codger is still alive after being bitten by Derek. The season ended with him still spouting black substances like Jackson but Jackson eventually healed. So maybe Gerard also did.
  5. Lydia’s dad – After the episode, my suspicions grew more. He hasn’t made an entrance in a long time and now his family is bankrupt. He’s either really uncaring of his family or he used the money to fund something else. Like jumpstarting the Deadpool list

And of course a Teen tv series wouldn’t be complete without a drinking binge scene.

Liam gets drunk

Liam and Malia tries to get drunk and so they did start staggering around, followed by Scott. Turns out the police and DJ were in cahoots with Parrish’s assassin to cash in on nearly 50 million dollars worth of bounty. Good thing Derek and his current mate got there in time.

Meanwhile, hapless duo Stiles and Lydia got into trouble again with the supposed Benefactor. Davies teased viewers with the mixtape. After the orderly subdues both, he plays another tape similar to the ones the assassins got. Seriously, is MTV trying to resurrect a relic of the 90s? Well, tapes were really cool anyway. Back to the program. Weird breathing, psychotic orderly and a gunshot later, Lydia realizes that the orderly wasn’t the benefactor. search continues

Instead, a supposed dead Meredith appears and starts babbling cryptic messages.

meredith is alive

WTF woman, two people were about to be ODed by a greedy murderer and you do nothing?

So Davies didn’t just throw a curveball. It was an in-your-face-ball. Meredith as the Benefactor? Seriously, something is wrong here so I really don’t think it’s her. Maybe she got forced to do the list or something. However the dying words of the orderly were explicit. He was being controlled by ‘her’. I still can’t believe it’s Meredith because the one who stole the money was a man. Oh well.

Here’s a sneak peek of Episode 10: Monstrous



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