Rest in Peace Ser Denys Mallister aka JJ Murphy

Denys Mallister actor

JJ Murphy was cast as Denys Mallister in Games of Thrones

Before you GoT fans kill me, this isn’t another ‘death’ spoiler, this time it’s for real. Apparently, actor JJ Murphy has died four days after filming his first scenes in Games of Thrones, Season 5. He was cast as an old member of the Night’s watch, Ser Denys Mallister. In the book, Mallister was a candidate in replacing Jeor Mormont as Lord Commander. Murphy collapsed on August 8, 2014, he was 86 years old. No word on the cause of death yet.

One source says that Murphy was elated to be cast in Games of Thrones especially since his scenes were to be shot in Northern Ireland. There has been no word yet from the producers of the popular TV series of a possible new actor to replace Murphy. In fact, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have said that they will not be looking for a replacement to play Denys Mallister stating that Murphy was their best choice to play the role.

Murphy is best remembered as a theatre actor who was trained in the Ulster Group Theatre School in 1948. He is also credited in the following films, Mickybo and Me, Cal and Angela’s Ashes. He was also set to appear in ‘Dracula Untold’, a big budget movie to be filmed also in Northern Ireland as a village elder.

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