Update on My ePrepaid BPI Mastercard Part 2

BPI My ePrepaid

No I’m not getting a pink card

I recently blogged about getting an ePrepaid BPI Mastercard. The process wasn’t that pleasant but passable. Here’s my update on this e-credit card.

Pros in using ePrepaid BPI Mastercard

  • It’s accepted in Paypal. Hooray! The other card I know that is accepted in Paypal is Unionbank EON Card. Yep, I’ve managed to purchase something online using my ePrepaid card.
  • I’ve also used the card as is with some online stores.
  • You can use http://www.bpiexpressonline.com to load the card for use. Makes things safer so that unwanted transactions get bounced back.

Cons so far

  • I’m still not sure it can be used in restaurants and stuff. Though the icons do show the things¬†you can do.
  • You can’t ‘withdraw’ the money you loaded into the card unlike the EON of Unionbank.

So far things are looking good with my ePrepaid BPI Mastercard. I’m looking forward to using this card in several other websites that I have been planning to shop at.

I also have the following prepaid credit cards.

My ePrepaid Credit Cards

  1. Unionbank Visa EON
  2. PSBank Electronic Credit MasterCard
  3. RCBC MyWallet Visa Card 

Unionbank EON Visa card is still good unfortunately, I can’t find a branch here in Bukidnon. It looks like BPI ePrepaid Mastercard is going to be my new buddy for new.



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