Teen Wolf – The Deadpool List {May Contain Spoilers}

The cast of Teen Wolf with new members.

The cast of Teen Wolf with new members.

Wow this TV series is fun to watch. Teen Wolf has been around for sometime I just started watching it recently because someone commented about my story ‘Omega’ and some similarities of the show. I went through 3 seasons in just two nights! I’ll rant about it later but for now, I’m going to post the Benefactor’s deadpool list that is in the show.

Allison Key

  1. Sean Walcott 250k
  2. David Walcott 250k
  3. Michael Walcott 250k
  4. Christina Walcoot 250k
  5. Lydia Martin 20m
  6. Scott McCall 25m
  7. Demarco Montana 250k
  8. Derek Hale 15m
  9. Carrie Hudson 500k
  10. Kayleen Bettcher 250k
  11. Kira Yukimura 6m
  12. Elias Town 250k

Aiden Key

  1. Kate Argent 12m
  2. Noshiko Yukimura 5m
  3. Joanne McLaughlin 1m
  4. Steve Grace 1m
  5. Sam(?) Hill 1m
  6. Brett Talbot 1m
  7. Reed Schall 250k
  8. Richard Benefield 250k
  9. Jack Marsland 250k
  10. Joy Waldrop 250k
  11. Cheryl Calix 250k
  12. Jordan Parrish 5m

Derek Key

  1. Satomi Ito 10m
  2. Malia Hale 4m
  3. Liam Dunbar 3m
  4. Meredith Walker 1m
  5. Liz Moore 1m
  6. Patrick Clark 1m
  7. Bree Leverett 250k
  8. Kaitlyn Schaar 250k
  9. Genevive Cary 250k
  10. Angelique Fain 250k
  11. Lorilee Rohr 250k
  12. Britani Kegley 250k

So there you go. At first  I wonder why is Allison the first key of the Deadpool list? It would mean that someone who made the list is someone close to Allison such as Gerard. But then the next key is Aiden. And finally the third key is Derek. So I’m wondering who could possibly have made the hit list?

However a few people are missing from the list such as Ethan, Peter Hale, Deucalion and Kincaid. I’d understand that Peter would be excluded because technically he’s supposed to be dead. Which means the person who made the list isn’t all knowing. Teen Wolf is getting more exciting as the Deadpool list got revealed in episode 6.

It seems that Scott has the largest bounty yet at 25 million with the smallest at 250k. What makes TV series exciting is the addition of a possible supernatural, Jordan Parrish. I already suspected he’s a supernatural in Teen Wolf season 3 when Onis were attacking the Sheriff’s Office. It was something Stiles’ Dad said about Jordan coming back to work in Beacon Hill even though he had better opportunities.

The list also hints of Kira leaving as both of them are targeted by the list. It would be sad but I guess the creator likes to keep the cast as fresh as possible. However the show hints of Derek leaving too. He either gets killed or loses his powers and leaves beacon hill. Which I hope not because they’re the main cast. Then again, Allison got killed but I think it has more to do with her age (29 years old) and still playing a teenager on a TV series.

I noticed several things. If the list was already made but just encrypted, why is Liam on it? He was just turned into a werewolf recently. The time frame showed that episode 6 flashback ‘4 weeks earlier’ that Kate encountered the bounty hunters who saw her name on the list which is revealed by the Aiden Key. Finally, the number of dead bodies that Derek found might have eliminated almost one third of the list. Probably the ones that have only 200k dollars to 250k dollars on their heads.

I hope things will get clearer as the show progresses. So excited!


P.S. More Sterek!!!!! Lol

P.P.S. Here is some Jordan Parrish eyecandy!

Jordan Parrish naked

Deputy Sheriff Jordan Parrish ‘scandal’ lol

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  1. […] Lydia’s dad – After the episode, my suspicions grew more. He hasn’t made an entrance in a long time and now his family is bankrupt. He’s either really uncaring of his family or he used the money to fund something else. Like jumpstarting the Deadpool list […]

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