I’m on Wattpad!

One of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging that much is because I’ve been busy writing on wattpad. Yep, one of my dreams was to become a writer. Since it’s actually hard to find a publisher, I’ve resorted to writing stories in one of my blogs. However I didn’t really a lot of readers until I found out about wattpad.

I’m incredible happy so far of the support. I just got back into writing (after a 10 year break) just this April 2014 and the response have been great so far. Out of the thousand of books in Wattpad, one of my stories ‘Omega’ landed on #23. It’s the highest ranking so far.

My story on wattpad. It's number 23 as of the moment.

My story on wattpad. It’s number 23 as of the moment.

And my other story, ‘I remember’ is at #723. If you take into consideration the fact that there are lots of stories that have been published on Wattpad, #723 is pretty much a good rank for a story I’ve put on hiatus.

Read ‘Omega’ here

Read ‘I Remember’ Here

So I hope you’ll take the time to read my stories. There’s also ‘Seven Blind Dates’ and my one shots/short stories.

Thanks for visiting my blog!



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  1. […] has been around for sometime I just started watching it recently because someone commented about my story ‘Omega’ and some similarities of the show. I went through 3 seasons in just two nights! I’ll rant about it later but for now, I’m […]

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