What Dreams may Come

Just pretend that I'm a cute cat

Just pretend that I’m a cute cat

This is just a tiny update on what I’m doing right now. I have been busy the past few months and I haven’t been really blogging a lot.

First, I have lodged my papers to Quebec. Yay Visa! But I haven’t received a reply from the embassy yet.

Things will be a bit hard for me as I am going there as a nurse. I wonder what’s wrong with the world? Why are they so against Filipino nurses? Ugh, every country I turn to has some sort of law or rule that stifles my application. I’ve been a licensed nurse for almost eight years and I’m still stuck here.

My friend just got an email from the Canadian embassy informing her that her documents are under review. Well, she managed to pass her documents a month before me. I’m guessing I’m going to get a reply soon too.

I really can’t wait!


PS – I am a cat dog lover.

cat dog

Well sue me. I’m a gemini.


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