Watch Diary ng Panget


Last full show and I arrived just 15 minutes before the time in Centrio Ayala. Crap, the screen showed the seating capacity. Only 5 seats left
open! Wow, I’m amazed that a movie like this could pull this many viewers. It took some time for me to buy my ticket as only one counter was open for all four cinemas.

I got inside as the first few minutes of the movie began. In a span of 15 minutes I was bombarded with funny scenes that made me like the heroine instantly. The dialogues weren’t deep compared to 80’s movies but I guess that was the charm of the movie. No inferences, just understandable conversations that anyone could resonate to. Even the 8 year old girl that sat beside me was able to follow the jokes and puns. I understand that Denny, the author of the Wattpad series turned best seller story, was 18 years old when she started writing this story. For her age, she crafted a fun to read story of an underdog winning the prize (or boy).

Unfortunately the movie does suffer from poor editing. There were scenes that could have benefited from a little bit of transition, a couple needed better music and some scenes didn’t really stitch well together. I guess the director chosen isn’t that good.

However, all those imperfections and simplicity was buoyed by the charming cast. Finally, a movie that used actors based on the story and not because this and that star is the scion of a family of actors.

Nadine Lustre as Eya was lovable as a quirky realist daydreamer (confusing combination). Yassi Pressman was beautiful as Lory and she showed her acting chops during her heartbreak scenes. The British accent was a little but forced though. Andre Paras played the gentle giant Chaz. It was fun to see Denny add a little bit of homoeroticism with the main actors in a dream sequence. James Reid, PBB teen edition winner, played Cross Sandford. He’s a typical really rich kid that hides his soft side by being gruff. He’s come a long way from being a reality tv show winner. His shirtless scenes were titillating and even drew shouts from older women.

The movie was good. I’m hoping that a sequel will be made. I just hope the director works harder (or a new one will do) and some fleshing out of the dialogues and scene transitions will help balance the movie.



  1. optimalbliss Said:

    Hello there! Wow, it’s still jam packed til now? Damn, the movie must have really knocked the socks off the viewers huh? But yeah I keep hearing some comments on poor editing and some awkward acting but generally, the movie is passably good 😀

    • C.A.T.Guy Said:

      Yep, very entertaining sya and the flaws just make the movie cute. It helped that hey had new stars. In fact, I’m bringing all my friends next off to watch. And then my Lola and somr relatives. Para di halata na tatlong beses ako manonood hahaha

      • optimalbliss Said:

        Na-hook ka rin talaga noh? LOL. Grr I really wanna watch it, but I’m here abroad. 😦 Gonna wait nalang siguro for someone to upload online.

      • C.A.T.Guy Said:

        The wattpad is even funnier. Wrong grammar, neologisms, deus ex machina and all.

  2. optimalbliss Said:

    Yeah Wattpad is always the best. Sayang nga eh tinanggal si Memo sa book version, eh favorite character ko pa naman ni Denny yun. Sa Wattpad kasi siya ang dahilan pa’no nagtagpo ang landas ng EyOss. ♥ Oh, did u know may stand alone nang story si Memo? Kaso on hold since nasa Pinas pa si Denny for vacation.

    • C.A.T.Guy Said:

      That’s voiceless ba? I think Psicom is publishing it.

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