Jennifer Lawrence is dead?


So here I am on graveyard shift duty. To keep myself awake, I browsed my FB timeline and suddenly stumbled upon a fresh update… Jennifer Lawrence dies at 23…
What the?! I was really scared that it was true. Good thing my brain kicked me and I realized that the facbook post may be a “like before you read” post. I hate those virus like posts that require you to share the news first before you can read it.

I like Jennifer Lawrence. I love her in the Hunger Games and she was funny in the Playbook. A quick search on google shows at least one article speculating on Jennifer’s death and how it’s a fake. However, there was a news item about the hunger games star in an on the set accident with a fog machine.

The post may have been an attempt to increase the page views of a certain website. For now, Jennifer’s death is a big hoax. Hopefully, it will stay like that for a long time.



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