Looking is Looking Pretty Good!

I’ve been pretty much busy the past few MONTHS. What with my Visa application, then there’s the problem with GLOBE mobile internet and Wimax and their DAMN FUP. Never mind the fact that I had to crawl just to get an UNLIMITED mobile data plan and then suddenly I’m being told that it’s “LIMITED” after all.

Three is a crowd!

Three is a crowd!

Anyway, one of the reasons why I’ve been busy is that I spend my free time watching several movies, tv series, anime and reading mangas. One of the tv series that I’ve been hooked to is Looking. One of the main cast is Jonathan Groff as Patrick. I wasn’t really a fan of Jonathan Groff in Glee but I guess his acting is okay. I’m amazed at how Hollywood can change the features of an actor to fit his role. He looked so young in Glee and now in Looking, he’s exactly what I think his character would be. A stress-freak in his mid twenties showing a bit of wear and tear.

I like Parick. He works as a level designer for video games and that is one of the jobs that I would personally like. I can resonate with him especially with his life such as social, love, family, work etc. Which is pretty much only one boyfriend, a love-hate relationship with my mother, a minute circle of friends and a crush on a fellow employee. Never mind that we’re both handsome, we can’t have everything.

And I have no idea who the two other guys are. The guy on the right is “Dom” and I wonder if the writer intended it as a pun for “dominant”. He’s the oldest in the group and I’m not sure what his problem is. I think he has problems with the fact that he’s growing old and can’t find a young date. Which I believe is the reason why he’s overcompensating by becoming a restaurant owner. A little backstory at the start of the series shows a potential antagonist for Dom and his friends. I find his life story to be second best in the TV series.

The third guy on the left is Agustin. He’s a dick. Plain and simple. I know he is the artsy type, I know people like him but his attitude really makes me want to smack him. I’m a pragmatic person and I take my ups and downs with an equal dose of realism so people that are overdramatic tend to piss me off.

However, what really makes me want to watch the show is because of Patrick’s boss, Kevin played by Russell Tovey.

Russell Tovey


I was curious at first because I really did not know him. So before he showed up in Looking, I searched about TV series he did. I saw Being Human and I was blown away by his acting. He was really convincing as a nerdy werewolf. If you compare his character in Being Human to Looking, you’d see how good he is. From nerdy without self confidence to a pompous boss. I love him.

So before I get carried away and write a sonnet of my unrequited love (again) to an actor, I’m going to leave behind a youtube video of a teaser for episode 8 of Looking. I highly suggest you watch it even if you’re straight. It will give you an insight on the many problems and advantages of being gay.


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