Attack on Titan is Mesmerizing

Characters of Attack on Titan

Characters of Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan explores a world where giants (presumably) rule the world. These giants or titans could be 3 meters to 15 meters tall and are considerably grotesque. They have the features of humans however lack visible genitalia and they have a ravenous appetite for humans. However they don’t seem to derive nutrition from humans because when they’re full, they just vomit what they ate and start hunting again.

A diagram showing the sizes of the Titans to scale

A diagram showing the sizes of the Titans to scale

Much of the story is concentrated on a walled city. There are three walls, Maria, Rose and Sheena/Sina. The walls are 50 meters tall which have warded off the tallest Titans. There are also districts. These are smaller walled pockets protruding outside of the three walls and act as “bait” to Titans from attacking the walls from all sides.

Unfortunately, a 60 meter Titan came and blasted a hole into one of the pocket districts. The initial invasion killed a lot of people and left many victims such as the main protagonists Eren, Mikasa and Armin. The situation worsened when another smaller Titan called the armored Titan burst through the gate of Maria which endangered the lives of people between walls Maria and Rose.

The walled city with it's outer pockets

The walled city with it’s outer pockets

The manga shows a lot of gore however the anime is scarier. You will be forced to imagine what would it feel like facing a giant that is intent on killing you, your family and friends. This anime isn’t for the faint of heart.

One of the numerous Titans roaming outside wall Rose

One of the numerous Titans  outside wall Rose

The Titans are ugly and portrayed with a grinning face without much intellect. However, the anime version shows several unique Titans with facial expressions. They lumber about but as shown in the anime, most move with shocking speed when they sense prey about. Some are considered Abnormals or don’t follow the regular behavior of Titans. Abnormals are more dangerous as they seem to exhibit some intellect and they are unpredictable which make them harder to kill. It’s hard to kill a Titan as they have hard skin and regenerate fast. The only way is to use a laminated blade, 3D maneuvers and deep slash at the back of the neck or nape.

It’s battle between humans and titans that has been a stalemate for several centuries. However new discoveries and shocking secrets may tip the balance but as far as the manga and anime goes, will it be in favor for the Titans or for the humans?

Read the manga and watch the anime!



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