I Want More Carrie!

carries diaries picture

I really cannot get enough of this TV series. To be honest, I do not regularly watch “Sex and the City” and have no idea who Carrie Bradshaw is. It’s funny, I guess.

So a friend from the US sent me a message with a clip of one off the episode teasers of the Carrie Diaries. My first thought was “Dear God, it finally happened, a deranged writer finally made a TV series of Carrie the prom monster!” But the teaser did pique my interest. It was about one of the characters being kicked out for being gay. I was thinking to myself that it was rare for that to happen nowadays.

Finally, I got episode 1 of the Carrie diaries. It was a nice surprise seeing that the time period was in the 80s or something. Having no idea what the show was about (and resisting the call of Google), I had a faint idea that this was about Sex and the City. But I was still stuck on pig blood and prom thing. I found interesting characters. Carrie faintly reminded me of Sarah Jessica Parker, Mouse was of course an Asian stereotype but really funny, Maggie the buxom one of the group, vivacious and promiscuous and finally Walter. Seriously, any guy who hangs out with three women is suspect of being gay anyway.

Walter Reynolds

Brendan Dooling as Walter Reynolds
in The Carrie Diaries

Okay, so I’m a little bit more attracted to Walter’s storyline. He’s got that boyish teenage charm that I like. His awkwardness reminded me of myself. Of course, I’m forever in the closet unlike him who’s about to find out what “out” really means.

I am really addicted to this show!



It’s from the book series “The Carrie Diaries” by Candace Bushnell which is a prequel of “Sex and the City”. Love how the director and screenwriters kept true to the timeframe and ┬áit’s amazing to see the 80’s in vivid color. A quick wiki shows that several characters and plots were rewritten but judging from the original content, it made for a cohesive and coherent TV series.

I want MORE!

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