Playing Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 Login Page

Dead Trigger 2 Login Page

Another game that I’ve discovered on Google Play. I’ve always loved zombie apocalypse games. There’s just something about the lawlessness that attracts me. Then there’s the  survival factor. I like how some games incorporate human ingenuity at times of trouble.

Dead Trigger 2 is the right game for those who want their walking dead fix. The game features different types of missions across two continents (for now).  Unlike most “shoot zombies” games, the missions are dynamic in such a way that you’re facing different challenges. You could cheat in Dead Trigger 2 a little by choosing the easy mode or choosing the mission types you’re comfortable with.

Dead Trigger 2 Missions

  • Escort – A mission where you’ll be with an NPC. The NPC helps you in killing zombies. You might think it makes the mission easier because there will be two of you. However, the problem lies in maneuvering yourself to be near the NPC. The mission varies from escort to a location, locating an injured NPC or to harder escort missions such as leaving the NPC long enough to find a switch to open the doors.
  • Sentinel – I have a love/hate relationship with this mission. You protect the entrance of the base. There are three main variations. The sniper, gunner and guard mode. I love the sniper and gunner mode because you get to shoot zombies far away and have unlimited ammo. Guard mode is difficult. You’re on foot and fending off a lot of zombies while running around trying to look for ammunition. Things get hard if you encounter special zombies.
  • Defend – Another favorite mission of mine. There are two types in Dead Trigger 2. The active and stationary. In active, you get to run around and kill zombies. The initial area will be limited but once the timer reaches 1 minute or so, new areas open up that may provide ammo supply. Stationary mode is also fun. You’ll be holed up in a bunker with an ammo supply and you get to kill zombies from your defensive point. Watch out though, once special zombies attack you’ll realize your defensive zone is also one big trap for you.
  • Assault – Relatively simple mission. I haven’t seen any variation for this. Just kill X number of zombies.
  • Power run – A mission with relative difficulty. There will be a generator that you need to fill with gas. You run around looking for fuel. One container can refuel 1/4 to 1/2 of the generator. However, time starts ticking as soon as you refill. The generator burns the gas and you have to find new containers to fully refill it to finish the game.
  • Seek and Destroy – I haven’t done much of this mission to see variations. You have to find several loudspeakers and destroy them to avoid attracting zombies.
  • Supply run – Almost the same with supply run. You run around finding supplies and getting them to the drop off point. You can only carry one supply at a time so you’ll be going back and forth to finish the mission.
  • Time-based missions – A group of missions that is considerably hard to finish. It can be setting up water tanks, fixing stuff while fending off zombies. Not my fave Dead Trigger 2 mission type.

Special Zombies

Dead trigger 2 also feature different types of zombies other than the regular shambler. These zombies require special ways to kill or you could just go rambo and waste all your bullets.

  • Kamikaze – The first special zombie you’ll encounter in tutorial. Kamikaze looks is a hulking zombie with a barrel of explosives strapped on (I wonder how it got that). Kill this zombie by hitting the barrel. Watch out for the explosion though. Do not go near because once you get near enough, it will detonate itself. I’ve died once or twice when I got too confident seeing that it had only 5% HP. It will kill itself even with low HP once it gets near you. On the plus side, it will take down other zombies once it explodes.
  • ScienFist – A zombie wearin a hazmat suit. Has considerable armor against bullets. It’s very radioactive and you start losing life once you get near it. However, scienfists are weak to melee attacks that is if you’re suicidal enough to use melee weapons against it.
  • Rager – I hate this special zombie. It’s a big hunk of flesh that charges like a bull once it spots you. Once you get knocked down, try to escape ASAP because its punch packs  whallop. When it starts pawing the ground with its feet, time your side step and straff away while hitting it with everything you got. Don’t even consider using melee weapons, one hit will send you to the ground. Very disadvantageous with other zombies around.
  • Tank – A zombie wearing a whole lot of armor. It walks slow and sometimes in the wrong direction. Don’t get near it though, it has enough power to one hit you. Tanks are resistant to bullets and melee weapons. However they are weak to explosives. Use grenades or exploding tanks to your advantage. If you don’t have enough bullets, try to run. They’re too slow to catch you.


You get two main weapons and then items to help you and several interesting items that can turn the tide during missions. I


I won’t discuss each weapon as they are many. However they can be classified into the following:

  • Precise single shots – Usually hand guns and shot guns. Low firing rate but you get to have more control on your shots. Take down zombies with head shots, arm and legs for more cash.
  • Bullet spray – Uzis, machine guns etc for spraying bullets at zombies. Wastes a lot of ammo but good for zombie packs. Generally good for special zombies for rapid damage.


There’s only one type that can be upgraded several times. Painkillers restore health and slow down time for a second or two. It’s a great way to avoid impending hits especially from ragers. Once you fall down the ground, hit up a painkiller and slow down time for you to get back up and escape.

Special items

These are items that are usually explosives.

  • Frag grenades – Your first special item. Throw it near zombies or on the ground and it explodes after several seconds. Hit zombies with the grenades and they explode on impact. AOE is medium and will take down one clump of 3 to 4 zombies.
  • Boom chicken – A (poor) chicken strapped with explosives, a wacky but effective invention by the mechanic. Once deployed, the zombies attack the chicken leaving you alone to escape. Chickens explode after several seconds. Unfortunately, boom chickens are relatively useless against special zombies as they tend to ignore your feathered friends. If the game stats are to be believe, boom chickens have the largest AOE.
  • Mines – A motion detector mine that explodes once a zombie gets near sensory range. AOE is large and upgrading the mine will increase the damage and the number of times it explodes.
  • Ammo chicken – I don’t usually use this but ammo chickens don’t explode or attack zombies. They supply you with ammo instead.
  • Rocket chicken – Fitted with rockets, these chicken go after the target with 100% accuracy. However, it will target the nearest zombie so when using this against special zombies, make sure to set your chicken on the right trajectory.
  • Sentry turret – A great special item. You can setup a turret that has laser sight and fires at zombies. Ammo may be unlimited and the turret disappears after a set amount of time (or maybe once it used up its bullets).

The game is still new and the story mode only has several missions, however you get to do side quests and participate in world battles. In each continent you’ll be liberating specific cities. Your kills will be added to the kills of other players. For now there are two continents available, USA and Africa. Future updates may open new continents.


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