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I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now. Spartan Wars Empire of Honor is a serious online real time strategy game (RTS).  I know it’s a cheesy take on the movie “300” but the game play is solid. What I like about the game is that you can be online for just several minutes to do the daily stuff such as building armies, upgrading buildings etc. You can also go on a rampage and hunt down other players to get resources.

Spartan Wars Gameplay

Spartan Wars sans cheats and hacks (by you) or other players makes the game a whole lot enjoyable because you basically have a level playing field. You start off with a basic city and the tutorial quickly builds important structures and creates an army for you. I did not hack this game at all because I wanted to experience playing it and growing strong on my own.

Spartan wars city layout

Building my 300

That’s my city.  You see those little structures. They are important buildings. What makes the game a bit different from most RTS games is that there aren’t that many structures to build. You don’t have to worry about a large map to build a lot of buildings for your army, upgrades etc. Basically, these are the buildings in Spartan Wars.

Buildings in Spartan Wars

  • City hall – Your first building. Each level unlocks a specific structure and allows you to upgrade structures to higher levels. You’ll be upgrading this often.
  • Peasant hut / cottage – Houses initially 30 peasants with an additional 15 peasants at every upgrade. You need a lot of peasants. 
  • Gold mine – Produces gold. Requires peasants.
  • Sawmill – Produces wood. Requires peasants.
  • Stone quarry – Produces stones. Requires peasants
  • Farm – Produces food. Requires peasants.
  • Storage (Food, Stone, Wood) – Improves your capacity to store resources (IMPORTANT). The storage protects your resources in case you get attacked. However, it will only protect a specific amount so you need to upgrade the storage to increase protection.
  • Barracks – Your main structure for units. Each level unlocks a specific unit and increases the strength of your army. Units are created using gold and food.
  • Academy – Even spartans had scholars. There are specific upgrades that give various bonuses to your city from increased building speed to resource protection.
  • Arms center – Various upgrades for your troops.
  • Wall – Curiously, the city wall produces defensive units. Each upgrade unlocks defensive units and increases the strength of the defensive army. Instead of gold and food, your defensive units require wood and stone. Lots of those resources. You’ll be hard pressed deciding on upgrading buildings or building defensive structures.
  • Market – A great building that you will be going to often! It allows you to buy and sell resources. There’s a catch though. Each level allows you a set quantity to trade. Once you’ve used up that quantity, you need to wait for the game day to end (approximately 7:30 to 8:00 am Philippine time). Another catch, there’s a market ratio depending on the time.  You might be trading a 100 resource and get only 10 gold. You have to wait for a 1:1 ratio (100:100) which could be about 8 to 10 times a day. Or you could use pearls to get a 1:1 ratio if you’re in a hurry to get resources you need.
  • Zeus statue – Needed so you can upgrade your Gods to higher levels. You’ll need to join an alliance to get the full effect of this building.
  • Embassy – Allows you to create or join an alliance. You need an alliance to help increase the power of your Zeus statue to level 10 and allow you to level up your gods to higher levels.
  • Temple – Here you get to worship a God and see the Gods you have. Actually you get God “cards” that can be one star to maximum four star. Spartan Wars on Android gives you a Persephone three star. The temple also allows you to upgrade your gods using “faith”.
  • Conquest portal – A little exit at the side of your city. It will take you to the conquests page where you can sort of do quests and beat armies.

Wow, I didn’t mean to create a FAQ here. It’s just that the game is simple yet has complexities that can keep you interested.



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