Loving Webtoons (manhuas) from Naver

I’ve been addicted to mangas for quite a long time now.

Recently, I discovered webtoons manhuas. They’re manga comics made by Korean authors except that webtoons are free and posted on Naver. Naver is the popular search engine and website in south Korea.

There’s just something about webtoon manhuas that makes them different from mangas.

Webtoon manhuas are usually colored and one strip format such as a webtoon.

Dialogues are distinctly shorter than mangas.

Content revolves around the different martial arts in south Korea which are surprisingly unique compared to ones used in animes.

These are some of my favorites.

Tower of God
World Trigger
City of Dead Sorcerer
The God of High School

I read them at mangareader.net

Hoping for more!




  1. guest Said:

    It’s manhwa(korean) not manhuas(chinese).

    • C.A.T.Guy Said:

      Ahh thanks for the correction. I get the two confused. I guess some sites I visited had them wrong too.

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