Currently Addicted To: 1/2 Prince Manga

What if You could Live in a Fantasy MMORPG?

What if You could Live in a Fantasy MMORPG?

I am hooked to this Manga! Technically it is a Manhua or a manga written/drawn by a (south) Korean Mangaka! 1/2 Prince was first written by a Taiwanese before being adapted into a Manhua.

1/2 Prince is about the adventures of a female MMORPG player who competes with her twin brother. The MMORPG, Second Life is the latest in virtual reality technology in which players play their second lives by donning goggles (while they sleep).

1/2 Prince *SPOILERS* Do not click if (or read) you don’t want spoilers!

Feng and her Avatar Prince

Feng and her Avatar Prince

The protagonist Feng Lan isn’t really a great MMORPG player reinforcing the idea that female players rely on their charms to beguile male players. She gets into a fight with her twin brother ensuing a bet that she can play the game without her female charms. She manages to log-on the game as the first player and is granted a wish.

Usually, female characters get perks like easy level up, items and more but her determination and pride pushed her into choosing a male character. Second Life has strict rules about character gender but Feng uses her wish to have a male character and she creates a very handsome Elf.

The Manhua follows the adventures of Feng as she realizes that she has a violent side, one that she didn’t realize while playing female characters. She gains notoriety as the Blood Elf Prince which leads to comical events like becoming the lord of a land, a virtual rockstar and uncovering a great mystery in Second Life.

The original novel by Taiwanese author Yu Wo is already finished which means that 1/2 Prince may be a short Manhua unless if the current mangaka will expand the storyline and flesh out the plots a bit more.

The manhua bears a resemblance to another Manga, .Hack. Still, 1/2 Prince has a lighter storyline without much emotional turmoil compared to .Hack.

I barreled through 60 chapters on Mangareader and I’m eagerly waiting for more!

P.S. I did notice one thing, if Feng/Prince was the first player then how come there were strong players already in the game? Oh well.

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