Currently Addicted To: Prison School Manga

prison-schoolI was bored waiting for my usual Manga fix like Naruto and Bleach when I stumbled on the manga “Prison School”. The title intrigued me. I was thinking that it would be like the manga “Battle Royale”.  I was disappointed to read it’s description though. To summarize, the story is about 5 male teenagers in a previously female only school. That meant that there were 200 girls for 1 boy. I thought it was cheesy that the boys were the typical perverted japanese character much like Yokoshima from GhostSweeper Mikami.

The manga is categorized as:

  • Comedy – the usual slapstick humor mangakas employ.
  • Romance – it has a boy meets girl situation.
  • Ecchi – really perverted scenes or characters are frequently at sexual positions or situations
  • Seinen – intended for young adults specifically young males. Think of rated 18 movies.

I was really bored so I read the first few chapters… and I GOT HOOKED.

The storyline was so absurd that it was funny. I also liked how the mangaka managed to develop  the main character without neglecting supporting characters.

It was a curious mix of old style Ecchi, typical student council controlling the school and passion. I finished all the chapters in just one day and I’m hoping for more!

If you can, support the author by buying the Manga in stores near you. (I don’t have that luxury).

You can also read english translation of Prison School here.

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