Currently Addicted To: Dragon City AGAIN!

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I was really hoping on avoiding Dragon City. The game has become so monetized that I feel like wanting to cheat it just so I can. (Well I did sort off). Anyway, I was looking at my top posts and saw that a lot of people visit my site because of Dragon City. I guess the game is still popular.

Returning to my Dragon City

So I decided to visit the game again and just see what the changes were. Yep the game devs have upped their monetize features. I guess it’s a good thing because game developers need to earn money. There’s no harm though I just hope that they don’t get too greedy.

Dragon City has pretty much stayed the same. There’s the usual limited edition dragons. A couple of changes caught my attention such as the gem and skull quests in the middle island. Weird thing. It has piqued my interest.

I wasn’t able to get the new dragons from events so I don’t have any hope in getting them at all.

No more Annoying Dragon City Mini Games

At least they got rid of those horrible mini games that were so rigged. And the Dragon City population cap is gone. That was what killed the game for me.

I’m looking to taking things slow and seeing if the game is great again or not. I won’t hesitate buying gems in Dragon City if it’s improved or something.

So yes, I’m back to playing the game. Sad to see I only have 38 friends left playing the game though.


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